Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hayden Green {5 Months}

Little Man you are 5 months old!

Here are your unofficial (mommy taken) stats:
Height: almost 25 inches!
Weight: approximately 16.4 lbs.

You wear 3-6 month clothes and a size 3 diaper.

You LOVE to eat. You still pretty much eat every 2-3 hours(mostly closer to two). You always eat at 7:15am, 5:00pm (when mommy gets home), and 9:30pm.

Your sleep schedule has been kind of crazy for the last month or so. We finally got back to normal last week and then you weren't feeling well and it went down the drain...bummer. Hopefully soon we'll get a schedule (new or old) down and stick with it.

You are a moving machine. You do not stop for ANY reason. You even move when you sleep. You are so hard to hold because you about jump out of our arms. We got out your exersaucer so you can get some more movement in! You roll and hate to be on your tummy too long so you kick your legs and try to get yourself somewhere. You mostly love to be standing. No, not an adult standing and holding you. You want to stand up and someone's lap.

You chew on everything! I'm sure we'll have teeth soon!

You love to kick your feet in the bath water.

You love holding onto your feet and you have the strongest grip! You get ahold of things and it's like tug of war getting them back!

You smile and laugh a lot! You love your feet and that makes you laugh. You also have a little tickle spot on your neck by ear ;)
Your brother still loves and adores you. Tonight he sat by you and said, "he's my best friend."

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