Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Catching Up

A few happenings since Thanksgiving....
Our dogs have been at mom and dad's house since we moved back last year. They have so graciously taken care of them for over a year. But now they are in our house and Hudson LOVES it. Most of the time he wakes up asking for "Mar Mar." I'm so glad I captured this moment a few weeks ago, he loves having his dogs around. 
I received a grant for a rug for my classroom! I had to take a picture while it was so bright and pretty. I'm guessing it won't look this beautiful in May!
Ayden and family came for a visit. We had dinner and went to see the Christmas lights. We had the BEST time with our families together. We were laughing so hard we were crying, especially at the sweet boy above who thought he was in a parade and that everyone was there to see him. I am so thankful for Hudson's buddies and that we can call their parents our friends.

And just for the record I wanted to post that H now has potty in our house (as of Sunday). It doesn't mean anything except that we are just getting him used to the idea. I know that it won't happen overnight and he may not be ready yet. But so far he loves to sit on it (clothed) and talk about it. He has even carried it to other places in the house and tried to use it for his "chair" ha!

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