Sunday, December 18, 2011

23 Months

Hudson, you are 23 months old today!
You still weigh between 27-28 pounds and I think you're still 35-36 inches tall.
You wear 18-24 month clothes for the most part. We have bought you a few 2T shirts and I can't believe it. It makes you sound like such a big boy!
You wear size 6 shoe, but I think you're about to move up to a 7. Your feet to seem to be growing a lot lately.
You wear size 4 diaper.
And speaking of diapers we bought you a potty this month. You have started staying dry through some of your naps and we wanted to get you used to the idea. You love to sit on it (clothed) and talk about it. But you aren't really interested in it other than a few minutes a day. That's ok, we will get there!
You talk nonstop and I'm so impressed by the things you say. Today you got a present from under the tree and said "Hudsee's box" I have no idea how you know that it is a box. You took the bow off and put it on Rylee and said "Ry Ry's bow" I didn't know you had the word bow in your vocabulary either! You are putting words together to make simple sentences and they are so cute. One thing that you do that cracks me up is repeat yourself until someone acknowledges what you said. You will say the same thing over and over until someone responds to you as if you need their approval. You are such a social bug and talk to anyone! You especially love to tell everyone bye and blow them kisses.
You still LOVE to eat and I don't think that will change. You are really in to "nandy" right now thanks to Grandma's candy dish. You go right to it and can even get to the lid!

You love all of the Christmas decorations and call trees "lights." You have a tree in your room and call it lights even though it has none on it. I knew that you would never sleep if you had lights in your room! You love to drive to look at lights around town and when we go to Papa's house you say "papa's lights." I'm curious to see all you will react to all of the fun of Christmas.
You are obsessed with cars and driving and buckles. You love to sit in the front seat and pretend to drive. If you see someone in the car without their seatbelt on you say "Mommy buckle." You are keeping us all safe!
You have and still love Mickey Mouse, chocolate milk, sausage rolls and gravy (without the sausage), music, socks and shoes and anything to do with technology.
My favorite part of the day with you is bedtime. Not because I'm exhausted, because you are so sweet about the whole process. It goes a little something like this:
bible story
tucking you in bed
praying over you (and you do a little whisper prayer that isn't understandable but it's to die for)
 saying love you Jesus (while looking at the ceiling)
kisses goodnight
You are SO sweet. Your love for your bible above any other book is so inspiring. Sometimes when I just want to get you to bed because we are both worn out you hold me accountable and it's always SO worth it.
I seriously cannot believe we are going to be celebrating your 2nd birthday next month. This has been an amazing two years with you! I'm a little sad that I won't be doing anymore monthly updates, but so excited to watch you continue to grow! Daddy and I love you very much. You light up our lives and we are better because of you! We love and adore you sweet boy! Happy 23 months!

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