Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2nd Birthdays & Sign Language

Over the last several months we have celebrated many 2nd birthdays. Hudson's friends all were born within three months of him so we a LOT of birthdays in the fall/winter. Last week we went to a birthday for Addie. She had a tutus and ties party at Chick-fil-a. The boys wore duck tape ties and the girls had tutus. It was super cute and Hud enjoyed playing with friends in the play area.
He is such a flirt. I took him to the restroom to change his diaper and on the way she stopped at every table to tell them bye. My little ham....
On another note I wanted to talk about sign language. I haven't mentioned it in any of his recent birthday posts but I think it's important to note that he still uses it. Sometimes when he's frustrated and trying to tell us what he wants he will do a few different signs in a row because he can't figure out the right one. It's like he's hoping that if he can make up a sign we will be able to help him. I taught him sign language for many reasons, but one of them was that it lessens frustration when they can't communicate through words.
(He obviously loves chocolate)
I still try to teach him new signs periodically, but to be honest I haven't done a great job lately. We are working on water but it's a hard one!
The signs he currently uses are:
again (he mostly associates this one with Mickey Mouse because I always say "again?" when he wants to watch it but we are working on using it in other situations too)
books (he does this for Library too)
he also has a sign for yes sir that we kind of made up and he also associates it for Uncle Trent who he calls "hat"
(I'm probably forgetting some)
I think he is a great talker and probably doesn't need signs anymore. But I just think that while babies are young and growing we should use their willingness to learn for their benefit. (And no I don't think we should teach our babies to read) I'm praying that one day he will be able to use signs to help others ;)

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Jennifer said...

That's a good idea! When did you start teaching him to sign?