Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Break

Fall Break has come and gone and I'm mising it a bit.
We made another trip to Grandma's house to help with her estate sale.  
Grandma had SO much stuff. I cannot even describe how packed her house was and in the midst of it all we found some treasures! I'm not trying to downplay how hard it is to sell all of your family member's possessions, but we tried to have a little fun with the items that are not sentimental-like these wonderful boots. I claimed them quickly and now they are all mine. You think I'm joking, but I'm not lying when I say that I will wear these. I think they have a bit of a vintage feel to them and I love it!  
The estate sale went really well. I think we probably had at least 30 customers before we even officially were set to open on Saturday morning. These people are serious about their estate sales. We were able to empty the house of everything that was not needed. Hudson did a pretty good job during the whole ordeal. He found this mini wagon to drag Mickey around in, watched a lot of "hot dog" and ate junk food. That's what you're supposed to do on "vacation" right?! For the most part he did really good, he wanted to be outside most of the time and thankfully the weather was mostly gorgeous except for the chilly mornings. Brrr. 
Other than trying to help with grandma's things we have been trying to keep up with the baseball games. Ryan is cheering for the Rangers, I'm secretly cheering for the Cardinals (shhh don't tell, I'll be kicked out of this house), and Hudson just cheers. His daddy likes to yell "Go baby" at the tv and that translates into "no no baby" in Hudson language. We adore him, he keeps us laughing!
And of course a weekend wouldn't be complete without a trip to school. Hudson loves to go to school with me. He mostly wants to vacuum (which is broken and almost brought him to tears), but he has discovered the motor lab. It has lots of great toys for large motor development and the trampoline is definitely his favorite! He is also at the right height to reach markers, scissors, and anything else he shouldn't touch! Such is life with a 1 1/2 year old!
Happy Fall (break) Y'all! Can you believe October is almost over?

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