Tuesday, October 18, 2011

21 Months & a New Cousin

Hudson Williams I cannot believe you are 21 months old!
I covered most of the highlights in your picture above, but I have to add a few details.
You weigh 27 pounds and wear a size 4 diaper.
You wear 12-18 month or 18-24 month clothes and size 6 shoe. You are obsessed with shoes and pick which ones you want to wear each morning.
You are also obsessed with cleaning-every night before you go to bed you put everything back in it's place. You also love to sweep and vacuum and wash your hands too! We could give you a rag and you would wipe down EVERYTHING in this house.
On a more serious note, you went for your yearly cardiologist appointment last week. You did pretty good laying still for the ECHO. You ate gummy bears and played with their fun light up toys. The best news is that everything came back normal and we don't have anything to worry about!
You still talk ALL day long. You love to name everything and you are starting to put two words together to make a phrase. You say things like "wash hands" and "where's abby." My favorite things you say right now are okay and alright. I think it's hilarious that you respond to us with those words. You are also getting really good at yes and no. Anytime we are in the car you name everyone is the family. It sounds something like this, "papa, mae mae, nick, abby, erin, hat, non...."
In other news you have a new cousin! You got to go meet her on Saturday, but you didn't pay much attention to her. You were really excited to play with Katy and her toys! You are now surrounded by 5 girls and another one is on the way! Good thing you have some good friends who are boys!

Daddy and I love you so much H! We have loved every bit of the last 21 months with you! You are so grown up and although it's a little sad we are excited for your future. You have great days ahead of you! We are already so proud of you and cannot express how much you bless us! Love you little man!

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