Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Let Freedom Ring

We started celebrating Independence Day a day early with t-shirt painting!
and the town's firework show! Hud loved it! This is the first year he liked fireworks. Last year he sat inside and would peak his head out the door every once in a while to look. I'm glad we're over that.
I saw these cute treats on Pinterest and have been wanting to try them. What a better time to try them on the fourth of July?! I saw these cute star marshmallows in a sale ad and knew they'd be the perfect addition for Independence day! So while the boys were building, I was baking/assembling.
They worked so hard and it was so hot. But I'm so thankful for each of them.
I didn't want to put the boys in their cute shirts too early in the day because their messy and I knew we'd be changing clothes by lunch. 
So we wore some other festive clothes until celebration time!
This was another fun Pinterest find-flag shirts. Boys clothes are hard because they aren't as cute as girl clothes. You can add ribbons and bows and frill to make them festive so I'm always looking for good ideas. I loved this one! 
And they do look mighty cute if I do say so myself!
We headed to mom & dad's for a homemade fireworks show (thanks to Hudson the popper thrower and Trent & Ryan for the entertainment) and a cookout!
Then headed to Tulsa for the Freedom Fest show. 
We entertained ourselves while we waited for the fireworks. 
Hay loved the fireworks. He sat just like this the whole time and watched. I imagine next year he won't sit still because he'll be running around like a wild man :)
Happy Birthday America!

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