Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kiddie Park

We have been working on our summer bucket list and checking out the Kiddie Park was one of them!
I didn't know how this trip would turn out. Last summer we went to Silver Dollar City and encouraged him to try a ride. He was not going to have it.
So this time we talked about how we were going to a park that had trains, boats, cars and lots of fun things to ride. 
When we got there he chose to ride the boat first. I think that was a good choice, it was nice and mellow. Then he rode the tractor. Another good choice. 
He tried the airplane next, I really thought he would get upset about the flying in the air part. He just kep turning around watching everything going on. He really liked it! 
Valerie and her friend tagged along.
Hud and I decided to spin out of control! 
No actually we didn't do much spinning and that was good for both of us!
Sweet Hayden was so good just to hang out in the stroller and watch all that was going on!
Hud put Hayden hat on backwards. Cute cute boy if I do say so myself!
Then Hud got really brave and decided to try the roller coaster. 
He even put his hands up! 
Hands are still up! 
Still up! 
See that little hand peaking out?!
Ya, well that was the end of it. It was a really bad choice. Rough, rocky roller coaster. It's a no go for our 3 year old. 
We finished the night with his favorite-the train!
Isn't that the cutest little station?
We hope to go back soon! This was definitely a fun summer night!

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