Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Zoo

Last weekend mom and I took Hudson to the Zoo! They were having an Earth Day special so it was cheaper to get in!

I told him in the morning where we were going and he kept talking all about the animals and practiced making animals sounds. I have a really cute video that I need to get uploaded!

photo (43)photo (45)

All morning he kept talking about how the baby giraffe had fallen down. We were glad to know that all the giraffes were safe and sound when we got to the zoo.

The sea lion exhibit that recently opened was a favorite also! You can see them swimming underwater which we really enjoyed!

photo (46)

Of course the thing he was most interested in was the train. The whole time he was watching where the train was going and listening for its sounds.

photo (47)

Of course we waited until the end to ride the train so he was so excited to finally get on. He sat in awe most of the ride and didn’t move. Then we had to say bye to the choo choo all the way home.

Hopefully we will be making more zoo trips this summer (weather permitting), he had a blast!

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