Monday, June 9, 2014

Hayden Greer {18 months}

Hayden Greer you are 18 months old!
You weigh 26lbs 12oz
You are 31.25 inches tall.
Your head is about 19 inches.

You wear size 18 month clothes, size 5 shoes and diapers.

You are chunky! {Sorry just want to tell it like it is}

You have SO MUCH HAIR! We thought your brother had a lot of hair (and he does), but you have so much and it's long. I love the shaggy look on you, I think it fits your personality so well.

You have 6 teeth. 
You love to eat. You pretty much eat everything-you're not a big fan of cheese or lunch meat. You shove everything in your mouth by the handfuls. You do not like to eat with a spoon or a fork. You are addicted to milk.

You are not a talker. Not because you can't, you just choose not to. When you do talk you say-ball, dog, dada, my (mine), hot, ow, papa, dis (this), dat (that). 

You smile ALL the time. You are the most joyful, carefree baby.

You are SO opposite of your brother-he's a talker and very thoughtful, he's cautious and nervous. He's skinny and has lots of short hair. He is a no touch kind of kid. You are busy, active, and carefree. Your chunky and have lots of long hair.  You are a snuggler. I love that you aren't the same. It's so fun watching you each be your own little humans.

You are addicted to your "bay bay" blanket. It already looks like it's turning in to rags because you drag it everywhere. I'm sure when you're 18 you'll be dragging the last few shreds of it to college. 

My favorite thing about you right now is how you want to snuggle everything and get kisses. Any kind of animal or blanket you put on your shoulder and lay your head on it. When you want kisses from someone you lean in your forehead and make a kiss noise until they kiss you. It melts mommy's heart ;)
We love you so so much. You have brought so much joy to our family. The way you smile with those squinty eyes just lights up everyone's day. You constantly keep us laughing and busy. We are so thankful for you and can't wait to see you as the big brother. We love you bubba! Happy 18 months!

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