Wednesday, June 26, 2013

First Dentist Appointment {Hudson}

If you know Hudson then you know that he is very anxious about new situations. He needs time to observe and think about. He is very cautious and a worrier. {He gets most of these qualities from his mama and I'm not bragging} So I knew this experience could have the potential to be very difficult. We talked about it beforehand and talked about all the things they might do and we chose a stuffie to take with us so maybe Dr. Jeff could look at their teeth too. He chose Goofy because we can see his teeth.
When we got there I went to get Hud out of his car seat and he started with "I don't want to go to the dentist." So I asked him if we should pray that Jesus would help him to not feel scared. So we held hands and prayed. And those are the most precious moments. I could've cried because it was so sweet. When we got in we did some paperwork and then played in the toy room! They have iPads and that was a great distraction!
I know he was anxious about all of the new things but he did everything he was asked to do and didn't complain one bit. He just held onto Goofy and even talked to the hygienist a bit!
She brushed his teeth with his new Toy Story tooth brush and he had a hard time keeping his mouth open so wide! But he kept trying!
Then he got to meet Dr. Jeff and he examined his teeth. He found one brand new tiny cavity on his very last tooth that we will take care of.
Afterward we went to see the new Montser's University! I thought it was super adorable! There were a few parts that had Hud a little scared but I think he liked it overall.
At least this guy wanted a picture with me ;) I'm so thankful he went and we got some time alone with Hud. Even if it is a dentist appointment, it's so nice to have alone time with him where he gets the attention. I'm so proud of my little guy for being so brave! We made it through with no upsets or meltdowns. However, we will be praying that the cavity filling goes just as smooth.....

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