Friday, March 16, 2012

A Day for Hudson

Today was my first day of Spring Break so we decided to plan a special day to take Hudson out. We don't get a lot of time as a family because of work schedules (it mostly includes dinner and evening activities) so we wanted to do something special.

We wanted to take him to see the Lorax and I was worried how he would do. He literally sat on my lap the entire movie, ate lots of snack food and didn't say a word. I'm not sure he's ever had popcorn before (I'm finding that hard to believe because it's Papa's favorite food, but I don't remember him ever eating it), but he absolutely LOVED it. We almost finished off a large tub and I give most of the credit to H. He also had a few fruit snacks and M&M's. Boy did he love the treat! As we left the theater he was saying "bye movie, bye popcorn, bye mms." 

We also did a little shoe shopping. Have I ever mentioned that the boy LOVES shoes. He picks them out himself-lately he's been wanting to wear his snow shoes when it's been almost 80 degrees. So silly! Anyway, we were in desperate need of sandals for this beautiful weather so we took him to pick some out. He really wanted the Spiderman ones that were 12 sizes too big, but we convinced him otherwise. 

And last, we could go no longer without a haircut so we took our leftover M&M'S from the movie and the boy sat so still! He was perfect for his haircut until the clippers came out-he despises those things! We ended the day reading the Bible to "Nonald" eating dinner at Papa and Mae's house. I think H would say that it was a pretty fun day! At least his mommy enjoyed the special time with him and daddy :)!

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